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So Sad!! The 11 Years Old House Help Who Was Beaten By Her Madam Reportedly Died

BBC News Pidgin reports that Margaret Joshua, an 11-year-old house help in Jos, died of injuries sustained in an assault by her Madam Mrs Nnaemeka Nwachukwu. It is said that prior to the tragic events, Margaret was rescued from their doorstep by a kind-hearted Nigerian named Madam Comfort Moses.

On BBC News Pidgin, Madam Comfort revealed that her husband saw the girl sitting outside the house at around 7.00pm on Friday 11 November.

Her husband claimed that the girl ignored every question she asked her. After Comfort came out, she saw her walking around the house, but she couldn’t walk properly, so she escorted her inside.

However, when Martha finally spoke and asked her for water, she crawled to the kitchen sink by herself and got drunk from the tap. The couple fed her, but she noticed that the girl had a sore throat and could not even drink the tea she gave her.

Martha then revealed to the couples the truth that her buttocks were injured, she also said that her Madam had always abused her like that. As Madame Comfort explained, she and her husband went to the police station to file a complaint and took her to the nearest hospital.

Later, the child was transferred to the University Hospital of Jos, where she remained until her death. Madam Comfort has expressed grief over her passing and has called for justice for her in hopes that her case will serve as a warning to others who always abused the children in their care. Mrs Nnaemeka Nwachukwu’s arrest and transfer to the State Criminal Investigation Department was confirmed by Platau Police Command spokesman Alfred Alabo to BBC News Pidgin.

Source: Gnewspage

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