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Social media divided over Hajia Bintu’s ‘juju’ advise



Hajia Bintu reveals top secret

Don’t beg for love use juju, Hajia Bintu advise

Juju doesn’t work, Hajia Bintu told

Socialite, Naomi Asiamah, better known as Hajia Bintu, has sent a piece of ‘wicked’ advice to individuals who have for years been trying to win the hearts of a man or woman.

The TikTok star and social media influencer in a controversial tweet has admonished followers to use black magic on a man or woman who have failed to reciprocate their love.

“Don’t beg people to love you, use juju on them,” she wrote in a tweet dated December 15.

Reacting to her call, some tweeps argued that using ‘juju’ on your partner can not sustain the relationship as the spell will someday be rendered useless.

“When you use juju the love will not last,” Charity Arthur told Bintu.

The socialite insisted that one can win the heart of an individual through juju if “you keep updating” the black magic.

Olu Adewale opposed the advice from Bintu. “Stop giving bad idea that can lead people Astray.”

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