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“Someone might snatch my wife” if I go to jail – Suspect begs magistrate for bail

A Kenyan security guard facing assault charges left the court in stitches on Monday, March 13,  when he implored the magistrate to buy him a plate of ugali as well as grant him a bail because someone might rob him of his beautiful wife if he goes to jail.

Japheth Olindo, a private guard, told Senior Principal Magistrate Keynes Odhiambo that he had not eaten his favourite dish, ugali, since he was arrested over the weekend. He calimed this has mde him weak and unable take plea.

“Your honor before charging me kindly buy me ugali. I am very hungry. No food was given to me while in the police cell. I am about to faint in your court, please do something before charging me,” Mr Olindo told the court in the midst of laughter from the courtroom.

The magistrate promised to buy him food after taking a plea.

“I have heard your concerns and for today I will make sure that I buy you food before leaving this court, just take your plea and count on my promise,” the Magistrate told him.

Mr Olindo, who was charged with assault and causing grievous harm, also expressed fear of his wife being taken by someone else while in custody.


After pleading not guilty to the charge, he went on to plead with the magistrate to consider releasing him on a favourable bond since he only earns Sh6,000 as a guard and he was worried if he remained in custody for long, someone might elope with his wife.

“As I stand in the dock my worry is if I will be detained for long someone might rob me of my beautiful wife. She is even here in court together with my child, kindly release me on Sh2,000 bond and I will comply with court directions by ensuring that I always come to court whenever required,” he told the magistrate.

Mr Olindo is charged with assaulting two people on March 10 at the Sugoi area within Turbo Sub County.

He denied the charges claiming that his employer framed him after he reported them at Turbo police station for assaulting him.

The court released him on Sh10,000 cash bail from Sh20,000 after he pleaded with the court.

The matter will be mentioned on March 16, 2023.

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