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Sperm Merchants: The cartels harvesting and selling used condoms for rituals in Ghana

It took the boldness of a journalist to pursue his curiosity after he first heard about something almost unbelievable in 2017, and which has now been established as a thriving sperm harvesting industry in the country.

Titled “Sperm Merchants,” the TV3 journalist traced the trail of how mostly prostitutes, have established a branch of their business, with the sale of used condoms.

Predominant in the Upper West, Ashanti, and Greater Accra Regions, most of these women have built strong business links with cartels and ritualists, making a great deal of monies from them, in return for the used condoms.

One of the women who spoke to the TV3 journalist told him that the syndicate is so well-coordinated that there are even cleaners in a number of hotels that serve as their suppliers.

“I have hotels in Accra that the cleaners supply me with the used condoms then I tip them because I earn much from the used condom sale,” she said.

More revealing, was the fact that these women said a lot of their clients are supposedly pastors.

One of the ladies, referred to as Kiki, explained how a lot of these men of God get their supplies, stressing that even before she went for that interview, she had just dropped off a consignment with one of these men.

“It’s the errand boys of the pastors that deal with me, not the pastors themselves. I will not mention names but a lot of the condoms are requested by pastors. I even delivered some consignment when coming here and I will collect my money when I am going back. I know the pastor’s house, he also knows mine, I will take my money.

“Two weeks ago, I delivered some to an evangelist in the Volta Region,” she said.

While stating that she would never allow such a thing to be done to any man in her family, Kiki explained that regardless, she would continue to sell the condoms to be able to fend for herself and her 10-year-old daughter.

She also disclosed that she has spiritually fortified herself as she is aware the trade she is in, is a dangerous one.

For her, as long as the used condoms would be paid for, she would always be ready to supply them.

“Anytime I go to Kumasi, people come to me for the used condoms containing sperms. I don’t know what they use them for but so far as they pay me, I sell them,” she explained.

A fetish priest in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region also explained some of the consequences of people using such condoms for rituals, while adding that it is something he has raised an alarm on before.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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