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Suhum Paramount Chief de-stools Benkumhene for gross insubordination

Opeabre Awua Aseidu, the Benkumhene of the Suhum under the Okyeman Traditional Council in the Eastern Region, has been distooled by the Paramount Chief of Suhum, Osaberima Ayeh Kofi, for undermining his authority.

The now-ex-Benkumhene, also known as Mr. Martin Aseidu in private, was accused of issuing comments that were found to disrespectful and undermining the authority of the Paramount Chief. The said comments were published on social media in September last year.

He was then told to retract his remarks, apologize to the Chief, and pay a fee of lambs and schnapps to clean the stool, but he didn’t do any of those things.

He said that he had sent the things to the Acting Benkumhene of the Okyeman Traditional Council when he was later questioned about why he had been reluctant to take the necessary action.

The customary and traditional process to dethrone the Benkumhene was carried out on Sunday during the Akwasidae ceremony by Osaberima Ayeh Kofi, who was upset by the Benkumhene’s behaviour.

The Suhumhene claimed that the Benkumhene had shown egregious indifference to him, which is why the petition for his disempowerment was made.

The former Benkumhene was forewarned not to conduct himself in the region as a subchief.

Likely for challenging his power, the Chief of Suhum distooled his Tufohemea Nana Aba Gyakye last year.

Osabarima Ayeh Kofi, who expressed concern over some of his subchiefs’ behaviors, stated that the traditional council cannot cooperate with anyone who does not respect the traditional authorities.

Like they conduct themselves as traditional leaders, Osabarima instructed his followers to show respect.

Source: ghanaguardian.com

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