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The answers are blowing in the wind! – Osei Kofi Acquah writes

In this time of our Nation’s in ability to fight an illegality called *Galamsey* due to hipocricy and double standard on the part of people entrusted with state power, I find it prudent to borrow the words of Bob Dylan to ask these questions…
How many cocoa farms must be destroyed before we realize we are loosing a very good source of stable and environmental friendly foreign exchange?
How many more River bodies must be destroyed before we realize that we are loosing our livelihood and our very existence?
And yes how many Chanfan machines must be destroyed for aiding Galamsey before they’re forever banned by a government that claims to be serious in fighting this Galamsey?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind…
How long will it take us as people to realize that the destruction of our lands and river bodies today is leading to draught, famine and starvation tomorrow?
And how many years will it take for us to realize that too many Ghanaians have died and properties which took years to acquire have been destroyed in a matter of days as a result of Galamsey?
How many inter- ministerial task forces and operational code names must be invented before we realize that, the results has always been the same?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…
How many TV and radio documentaries must be aired before our people who have been entrusted with state power finally realize the devastating effects of this Galamsey?
And how many ears must  the president have before he can hear the warnings from Environmentalist, Health experts, Journalist and Civil Society organizations that the Galamsey fight is being fought with kids gloves?
How long can our men and women in leadership turn  their heads
And pretend that they  just don’t know the names and faces of all the people who are involve in the Galamsey business?
And what common sense will it take all of us as citizens to realize that, gradually the Cyanide infected food stuffs like Cassava, tubbers of Yam, plantains cocoyam etc are on their way to our dining tables?
And what education and concientisation will it take, for us to realize that no matter the size of gold or the billions of dollars we make through Galamsey, we will still eat food and drink water as human beings in the end, and we will rely on the lands and water bodies we are destroying to provide?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind and those who are pretending to fight the Galamsey knows better than us!

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