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The Early Signs Of Heart Disease In Women You Shouldn’t Ignore

Heart disease in women, comes with a few healthy signs, which shouldn’t be ignored when noticed, to avoid suffering other health issues that might be associated with the heart disease.

Below are some early signs of heart disease in women, as sourced from Healthline.

1. Chest pain, is one of the basic and serious signs of heart disease in women, which needs quick medical attention when noticed.

2. If you notice regular or persistent pains around your neck, jaw or throat, then also seek for quick medical attention, as they are also signs of such a health issue.

3. Another sign of heart disease in women is the feeling of pains in the woman’s upper abdomen, and such pain should not be ignored as it can be a sign of other health issues or heart disease.

4. Having pains in your upper back, nausea, and persistent tiredness/shortness of breath are part of the basic signs of heart disease suffered by women.

5. Lastly, general body weakness, skin color changes, and regular sweating are also part of this health issue signs.

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