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The failure of NPP is not a guaranteed victory for the NDC, but rather policies alternatives, AB tells party (NDC)

Fellow communicators, presidential and parliamentary aspiring candidates and the entire membership of the NDC must know and subscribe to this school of thought that, the admissible gross failure of the Nana Addo led Npp government is certainly not a convincing guarantee of our victory come 2024, we seems to loose focus on our policy alternatives which is politically injurious to our discourse if we should continue on that tangent.

I have taken notice of a chunk of our communicators who only center their argument in debates on the failures of the Npp, such as their borrowings and reckless expenses and the rest, Yes! It is true the NPP borrowed hugely for no rational use, it is also crucial to mention those stuffs to inform the voters and the entire citizens but certainly not enough to win election in a politically civilized dispensation of ours.

If the case of the Npp is huge borrowing for reckless expenses, what is our alternative?

Yes! We shall also borrow, but how different are we gonna spend our borrowing to be different from the recklessness of the Npp?

This is certainly what the Ghanaian electorate is expecting to hear from us this time around! Comrades.

We seems to be comfortable and over hopeful of winning the next election based on the failure and poor performance of the government of the day, which I think is not safe for us, Ghanaians at the moment needs policy alternatives to effect the most anticipated change we are all craving for.

The mere conveyance of the failure and loopholes of the Akuffo Addo led Npp government to the good people of this country will certainly not convince Ghanaians to consider us as a better option, unless we demonstrate our preparedness and commitment to their aspirations through (SMART)policy alternatives.

Our communications machinery at all levels has sadly ignored our fantastic policy alternatives in the people’s manifesto, which we shared with Ghanaians during the 2020 elections, and it is very unreasonable and unpleasant for our discourse to win the 2024 elections.

The people’s manifesto of our party which was used for the 2020 general election is the best manifesto ever in the history of the 4th Republic and it is unfortunate how it is not being marketed consistently, the form and the substance of that manifesto is very marketable and winnable of an election.

We have a fantastic policy like the free primary healthcare, very smart policy alternative to restore peace and healthy living among Ghanaians, but no one seems to be talking about it, we always sell the failures of the Npp to Ghanaians without the very good alternatives we are keeping in stock, let’s remember Npp consistently marketed FREE SHS from 2008 and it was bought in 2016, consistent marketing is the only effective strategy to sell a product, and we must wake up to embrace ourselves with same.

We need to decentralized an effective, comprehensive, and understandable communication approach not to sell the failures of the Npp but to market our policy alternatives.

Our big push policy for instance is a very promising and employable solution to the unemployment crisis facing this country, it is a very strong industrialization policy, which is a great alternative when packaged well, Ghanaians will surely buy it, but our communicators cease to be mentioning this policy, but always talking about the failure of the Npp alone, that will certainly not be a reason for Ghanaians to deny the Npp the 8, they want to break, truth must be told to ourselves in plain language.

We have very strong and reliable policy alternatives to share with Ghanaians but we are refusing to articulate same for them to repose confidence in us, we need to sell out those policies in advance of the political season, anything said by politicians close to elections are deemed as usual political talks by the electorates, let’s remember we mount heavy rallies and people don’t pay any attention to whatever we say then.

We need to provide hope for Ghanaians, we need to demonstrate and justify why we should be given the mandate to run the affairs of this country once again, we have a lot of justification but we don’t sell same, let’s wake up.

Let’s also focus on cyber security and the traditional security of ballot protection, electorates frustration and denial of voting and other electoral malpractices, together with the effective and comprehensive dissemination of our policy alternatives to the voters, this is what we need to form the next government to rebuild the Ghana we want.

I humbly call on my favorite and preferred candidates for the presidential primaries whom I have endorsed and will everyday endorse H.E JOHND DRAMANI MAHAMA to kindly consider his campaigns for this primaries as a campaign for the general elections, because it is already a done deal for his victory with 98.5% and stop the needless mimicking of the Npp on platforms, his managers should prepare policy alternatives for him in his speeches, he has been a president before and he has a lot of achievements and policy alternatives to share with Ghanaians to restore their lost hope in leadership of the country, I’m on the ground and those mimicking stuffs of Bawumia and Nana Addo he’s doing, is not sending any good signal for us, the reactions of people to that is not encouraging.


The NDC won’t be forgiven and maybe weaker than CPP should we make any mistake to loose the 2024 election, that will be very dangerous for the survival of the party and the people of this country at large and we must not allow this happen.

I’m an ardent believer and advocate for DEMOCRATIC CENTRALISM and therefore attached no malicious intentions to this statement, It is simplicita devoid of Mala- fide intent.

As an opinionist and democratic centralist, I see this concern as a pressuring need of the NDC in my opinion, which needs to be bravely addressed without any fear!



Oti regional deputy secretary of the NDC.

Abraham Boafo

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