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The plight of the people of Awalavi

The plight of the people of Awalavi

Awalavi is a community in the Weta traditional area in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region. The community is noted for its contribution to the production of rice to feed the good people of Ghana.

In spite of all these contributions to Ghana’s development, this community lacks some basic amenities among which is potable water.

It is also disturbing to note that they even have to share the water with cows.

Another aspect of it is that they are exposed to reptiles and risk getting knocked down by vehicles.

The good people of this community have to rely on under bridge water, a stream which also dries up at certain times in the year.

In the midst of all these challenges, the people of this community always do well to perform their civic responsibilities as expected of them among such civic responsibilities is they go out in their numbers to register during registration for voters ID cards and also go out to vote when the time is due.

They are represented like other communities in Ghana’s Parliament but it all seems their plea to get access to potable drinking always falls on deaf ears.

They are therefore pleading with the government to come to their aid by giving us potable water.

By Redeemer Kwasi Kukubo

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