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Twitter users shocked as import duty on car skyrockets from GH¢49K to GH¢55K within a month

A post shared on social media in which a car dealer witnessed a drastic increment in final duty and taxes payable for an imported vehicle, in a month, has left many users dumbfounded.

Sharing details of the tax invoice, the expected amount to be paid moved from GH¢49,000 to GH¢55,000 within one month.

This new charge makes a GH¢6,000 difference from the initial price.

ECOWAS levy, Network Charge COVID Health, Network Charge VAT, Import NHIL, Network Charge NHIL were among the about 11 levies imposed on a single vehicle.

A Twitter user identified as @BrodoSchemes shared the invoice detailing the rather significant change on his page saying; “From 49k to 55k real quick! A difference in just about a month.”

His post has since drawn varied reactions from Ghanaians on Twitter who bemoaned the increase and indicated that the system is somewhat designed to deprive citizens of making headway in their daily lives.

Another car dealer, sharing a similar experience on the same app said a 2015 Honda Civic duty cost almost GH¢33,000 while the container fee cost around GH¢3,400.

He added that should the agent, clearing and towing charges come into effect, one would be looking at paying about GH¢40,000 in duty charges at the ports for the vehicle.

In reaction to the post, another tweep wrote, “For you to understand what this man is saying better, let me give you some small comparison…Duty for a 2016 Honda Civic in May 2021 was GH¢ 15,527.40.”

Meanwhile, some users have attributed the profiteering nature of Ghanaians to the cause of the high import duty on goods.

See the post the reactions below:



Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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