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Two naked dead bodies were found at a sewer plant

Police in Mpumalanga were made to launch an investigation following the discovery of two naked lifeless bodies in a sewer plant. The discovery was reportedly made on Wednesday the 30th of November 2022. The grisly discovery was made by security guards who were working in Tonga at the plantation.

When the discovery was made by the security guards , they immediately alerted police about what they had seen. In the report, it was highlighted that the bodies had visible injuries, and that they had been dumped behind the low wall in the grass.The bodies were seen after the security guard saw what looked like a leg belonging to one of the victims .

Upon noticing what looked like a leg , the security guards decided to take a closer look at what lay before their eyes . It was then that they saw two lifeless bodies which had injuries .The guards notified the emergency services regarding what they had seen .

As there were two dead bodies , two murder cases were opened by the police .An investigation is underway to determine what could have happened to the two deceased people .There was a suspicion that the two could have been assaulted and killed somewhere and had their bodies at the scene .

Police reportedly made discoveries of some blood stains on the path that was leading to the spot where the dead bodies were found .The circumstances and the motive behind the killing of the two are not known , but police are doing everything to determine what may have happened .A call was made by the police for the members of the public to help with information that may lead to the breakthrough in the case .

Source: Gabsfeed.com

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