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UBA Ghana Organizes Second Quarter Jogging To Bond



The ‘Summer Body Edition’ of UBA Ghana’s Jogging to Bond event was held on Saturday at the Laboma Beach in Accra.


Staff members began the day with a jog along the beach, enjoying the refreshing atmosphere and scenic views. Following the jogging session, there was an intensive aerobic session after which staff engaged in various competitive games, including limbo, ring toss, sand bag, ball race, strongest man, and beach volleyball. These activities not only provided entertainment but also fostered team spirit and friendly competition among the UBA Ghana employees.

Recognizing the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the event featured a nutritionist who shared tips on healthy eating and maintaining a fit physique. This addition highlighted the focus on the “Summer Body Edition” theme, encouraging participants to prioritize their well-being.


A dedicated kids’ corner was set up to engage and entertain the children in attendance.


During the event, Chris Ofikilu, the Regional CEO for West Africa and Managing Director of UBA Ghana, addressed the staff.

He expressed his gratitude to everyone for their participation and emphasized the significance of such events in strengthening bonds and cultivating positive relationships within the UBA family. He noted that maintaining and healthy lifestyle and bonding helps to improve team performance, adding a team that works together, wins together.


Overall, the event provided a platform for UBA Ghana employees to prioritize healthy work-life balance, and deepen their connection with their colleagues. It showcased UBA’s commitment to fostering a healthy work environment and promoting employee well-being.

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