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VIDEO: Delay clashes with Oseikrom Sikanii over source of wealth

With the many apartments and luxurious cars he claims to own, Oseikrom Sikanii has said his source of wealth is primarily music and gifts, a claim Deloris Frimpong Manso sought to interrogate when she sat with the musician for an interview on The Delay Show.

Insisting that he is not into fraudulent acts, the musician posited that one does not even need to have a job to be successful in life, citing his relationship with other people as an avenue for making money.

According to him, he receives gifts from people who like his personality and has also earned enormous income from being a musician.

“I have so many friends and sometimes, for a whole month, I would have made no purchases with my money,” Oseirom Sikanii said. “People send me money. Some people send me money on the basis that they find me funny. I don’t have a specific job apart from music. I perform and get paid.”

This response was not convincing, triggering a reaction from the host of the show.

“Come on. As a musician, how many shows do you get to have built an 8-bedroom and acquired many cars? What kind of shows? Mention them,” said Delay.

“On 5th March, I even performed at F2 Rave at Offinso. They gave me 20,000. So, just imagine, if I perform at five shows for even a month, how much do you think I’d make?” Sikanii responded.

“So, you expect me to buy this story of yours?” a doubtful Delay asked.

“Don’t I deserve 20,000? That is even the least I take for performances,” Sikanii replied.

Delay who was still dissatisfied with the response explained why she was not convinced. In her narrative, some musicians have led the youth astray with their supposed legal earnings.

She said: “Frankly, you throw dust in people’s eyes. Some of you would claim to be doing music and you’d be buying expensive cars, living lavishly and the moment, you are arrested for fraud. This is what’s happening. Most of you are misleading the youth and they think all is rosy but that’s not the case. Are you a fraudster?”

In response, Oseikrom Sikanii who kept his composure said “No, I’m not. I’m a businessman. I do it one-on-one. People impersonate me.”

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