News gathered by this portal earlier revealed that there was a fire outbreak at the Accra Technical University (ATU).

A portion of the school’s Students’ Representatives Council (SRC) complex was reportedly gutted by fire around 4pm. on Tuesday, February 28.



An eyewitness reported that the fire was detected early and was successfully extinguished by personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service, which left behind no casualties except damages to the studios of the campus radio station.



The Vice Chancellor and senior staff of the administration quickly visited the scene.

Students of the institute have been assured of their safety, while the personnel of the fire service have been commended for their swift response to the situation.

The actual cause of the outbreak is yet to be made known by the Fire Service however an eye-witness blamed it on a certain student whose drink accidentally poured on the keyboard and mixer at the studio.

“More probably snacking in the studio. Soft drink pours on keyboard or mixer, idiot tries to turn off socket and trips fuse instead. Decides to fight fire alone with extinguisher but it couldn’t work. And then idiot flees without warning anyone.

“Minutes later, business students in class smell the smoke and think it’s their own lecture halls. Security guard at library smells it, sees through window, starts running and people the sensed that something is off,” narrated the eyewitness.