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VIDEO: Heartbreaking story of a 70-year-old man who has been doing drugs since 1977

A 70-year-old man has shared the damning effects of his drug addiction which has left him in ruins and financially broke.

Speaking with Kofi Adoma on his YouTube channel, Kwabena Josiah, who turns 71 in a few months, recounts that he has been addicted to hard drugs from 1977 till date.

The now struggling drug addict said he acquired a lot of wealth while working as a Seaman many years ago. The profession, he explained earned him huge sums of money and properties while travelling across West Africa and the world.

But just when his was at the peak of his career, Josiah who says he’s an indigene of Cape Coast but grew up in Tema, said he was introduced to hard drugs and has been hooked unto them till date.

He reflects that this addiction has now left him hopeless and almost unrecognizable by persons who once knew and respected him.

“I used to have many properties scathed across the country but I have lost them all through this drug life. I first built three house and owned about 4 other plots of land but I sold them all just so I can quench my drug addiction,” Kwabena Josiah recounted.

“…Things became difficult for me in Ghana and I had to go to Nigeria where I also had some properties but life there also became more difficult due to my hard drug addiction. I sold all my houses and my wife later divorced me as a result of my addiction”

He also shared that before his wife divorced him, she advised him to lease the last of his houses so he could at least have an asset remaining.

He urged government to put measures in place to help people like him break free from their addiction while urging parents to keep a close eye on their children so they do not fall victims to drugs.

Watch the video below

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