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VIDEO: ‘I shared monies in church, I haven’t defrauded anyone’ – Agradaa speaks

Evangelist Patricia Asiedua a.k.a. Nana Agradaa, the embattled founder of Heavenway Champion International Ministry, has stated that she did not defraud any of her church members.

According to her, she only promised to give members of her congregation money and added a condition that any beneficiary needed to become a member of the church first.

Nana Agradaa’s explanation contained in a Facebook live video comes on the back of viral videos in which some purported church members accused her of defrauding them.

“I came out to tell Ghanaians that I am giving my congregation money so that they can use it to work. So whoever is interested in benefitting should accept Christ as their Lord and personal saviour, then you write your name to become a church member then you begin worshipping with us.

“So, if Rev Mama Pat, I have organised an all-night service and decided to give my church members money; then you coming to church for the first time you did not get some of the money, Mama Pat I have not sinned against you. I have not defrauded you. Everybody knows that at the all-night service, I shared money; everyone knows that in every church we give offering.

“I am the only pastor who telecasts live all offerings in church; when I was raising the funds, I stood in the church and announced it to all the congregation, this was not in secret.

“I told the congregation that we are starting our offering from GHC1000, GHC800, GHC700 till the last coin. I also gave out a mobile money number where those without cash can send their money to, it is offering and it is from the heart,” Nana Agradaa explained in a live video hours before her arrest.

Nana Agradaa noted that all those claiming that she had defrauded them were part of those who want to destroy her ministry.

“If you came for the all night, and wrote your name it means you have now become a church member; also, many want to destroy my ministry in this country…but for the kingdom business, I have said I will not sin against my maker.

“I am not the only one who has raised funds in the church so, where is my sin? I have not defrauded anyone,” she stressed.


GhanaWeb had earlier reported that people massed up at the church of the Agradaa because the repented priestess had earlier advertised through her television channel, Thunder TV, that she was going to give out monies to people.

She is also said to have advertised that she would double monies that are brought to her church, Heavenway Champion International Ministry, on the day.

However, per the account of the aggrieved members, the evangelist only played on their gullibility to extort monies from them.

When she was done, as has been shared in a number of the videos available to GhanaWeb, she booted them out of the building, aided by her well-built bodyguards.

A number of the affected people are also heard ranting and calling her out.

“This is Agradaa’s church, Heavenway, and she advertised on her TV station that she was going to share monies with everyone only for us to get here, and she rather collects monies from people.

“She told people to bring ten million (GHC1,000) and come for two billion (GHC200,000) after which she asked people to leave the church. Things immediately turned chaotic here,” a lady giving voice commentary in one of the videos said.

Meanwhile, the Police have arrested Patricia Asiedua, alias ‘Nana Agradaa’ following the allegations of a money-doubling scam levelled against her by some members of the public.

The suspect is currently assisting the Police with the investigation.

In a statement issued on October 9, 2022, the Police said, “Anyone who is a victim of the alleged money doubling scam should report to the Accra Regional Police Command for further action and to assist in the investigation”.


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