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VIDEO: Man gunned down in a bizarre incident

A man believed to be in his early 40,s has been gunned down while he was pleading for mercy from his killers.

In a viral video watched by Filasconews.com, the man seen dropping something on the ground in a bush while he pleads with his killers.

Through the pleading, of the alleged terrorists, gunned him down on the neck and in the head.

His other colleagues, filming the heinous act, pulled out his lifeless body and dumped it deep in the bush.

The reason behind the killing of the man is sketchy.

While some viewers suspect terrorist killed the man, others believe the man was caught stealing from his killers farm and they gunned him down.

It is alleged that the incident happened in Nigeria by terrorists but this portal is yet to confirm.

Will bring to you all the updates very soon including the location where the incident happened.

Watch the video of how the man was gunned down while they film.

The video comes in two folds. The first video was when the man(now deceased) was pleading for mercy.

The second video was his lifeless body being pulled through the thick bush after his demise.


SOURCE: Filasconews.com

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