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Video of Medikal offering rigorous prayers at an event causes stir



Medikal prays for Shatta Wale

Medikal supports Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale launches Shaxi ride-hailing app

Scores of individuals gathered at Shatta Wale’s ‘Shaxi’ ride launch were shocked to listen to Medikal’s prayers during the event

Medikal was asked to offer the closing prayer and without hesitation, he grabbed the microphone and articulated in a manner nobody expected.

In what was meant to be a closing prayer, the La Hustle hitmaker thanked God for the success of the event, prayed for everybody present, and prophesied into the life of his friend (Shatta Wale)

“Father Lord we thank you for this day. We thank you so much for everyone gathered here and we thank you for a fruitful event. We pray that everything we spoke about today comes into existence. We pray for the right support from our brothers and sisters. We pray SHAXI goes beyond Ghana and we pray Shatta Wale becomes the first youngest billionaire in Ghana. Because if he wins, we all win. We thank you for the life of everybody as well. we thank you so much for bringing my wife here. People will understand Shatta someday and maybe not today. Maybe the next generation to come, Amen,” he said.

Medikal’s prayer has since attracted hilarious comments from individuals on social media.

While some individuals were stunned that the Sowutuom rapper prays well, others found a bit of humour in his prayers.

Watch the video below