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VIDEO: Suspected thief caught in an attempt to sell phone at victim’s shop

A young man has been beaten by some persons for allegedly stealing a phone of a lady he gave a lift to.

According to a tweep named Dr Tony Brown, the culprit, after taking the lady’s phone headed to Circle to trade it for cash.

Luck eluded the young man as the shop he visited was where the victim worked.

In a video gone viral on the bird app – Twitter, the victim was shocked as the culprit – in a yellow hoodie denied knowing her.

“You don’t know me?” the lady was heard in the background asking the suspected thief amidst beatings.

“I nor know am,” he responded in Pidgin English after he was forced to answer the question.

Dr Tony Brown who shared the video asserted that, “You man be the reason why girls shun dey sit for DV cars inside. He go rent DV cars (Benz, you know the flashy ones) and pick only women. Only for him to point gun at you in the car to take your phone…You girls for stay woke!”

He added that, “After taking one girls phone, he took the phone to circle to sell not knowing the shop he entered is where the girl also works. Chairman do yawa.”

Watch the video below;

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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