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Watch the detailed processes through which money is printed

The processes through which money is printed may be knowledge to only a selected few, such as the actual printers of money themselves, and perhaps, other curious minds who have taken the pain to find out about it.

Otherwise, it is said that people with criminal intentions may be the ones who might be interested in such details about printing money, particularly if it is to make counterfeits from them.

But, have you ever wondered what goes on in a room full of cash papers and coins?

GhanaWeb has chanced on a detailed video of the processes involved in printing paper currency notes and minting coins.

The video also details all the stages through which the printing of money goes through, as well as the carefully thought-through design processes.

Posted a year ago by King Takyi TV, it also shows how security and uniqueness features are also made to ensure that the end result meets the required standards.

A walk through the money printing factory shows how it starts from a wide stack of papers- not just any paper, but ones that are fit for purpose, to the final results which become legal tender.

Watch the video below:

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