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What I Did with Dead Men in The Morgue to be Able to Give Birth To Twins – Mother Narrates

Vincent Okoth, a farmer from Mwea, married Eunice Adhiambo in 1999. Adhiambo couldn’t get pregnant, even though she and her husband went to several doctors and healers recommended by their friends and family.

The woman said her inability to have children had been hard on her for years, and that her in-laws were trying to get Vincent to leave her because of it.

“People used to look at me as if I had done something so bad that I could never be forgiven. My neighbours called me all kinds of names, and my husband’s family tried to make him marry another woman. Medical reports cleared my husband, but they said I was guilty because I had blocked the tubes. Doctors, healers and pastors did everything they could, but nothing worked,” Adhiambo said.
People often say that when things are bad, you have to make bad choices.

Adhiambo went to a witchdoctor, who told her that her ancestors had cursed her and that she could only have a child if she slept with a dead man.

Yes, it was embarrassing and creepy, just like the popular “Oga films”.

“After thinking about it, I decided to try it anyway. I went to Ahero and paid an undertaker to take care of everything. I did what the wizard told me. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,” she continued, crying.
Adhiambo says things stayed the same for six months after the bad event.

There was no pregnancy. She knew it was a trick and that she had been tricked again.

“I gave up everything and left everything to God. One of my neighbours told me to try the herbalist Mwikali Kilonzo, who she said was a good herbalist who had helped many needy people in the area.

She even gave me her phone number, but after my nightmare at the mortuary, I didn’t want to do anything because I wasn’t ready to go through something so scary again,” she told me.

But her neighbour told her how Mwikali Kilonzo was different from other herbalists, and that gave Adhiambo the courage to talk to him.

“I said to myself, “Let me try again. At that point I was even thinking of killing myself. I called the herbalist and we arranged a time to meet. The herbalist listened to me and then gave me some herbal medicine to take for four months,” she said.

Adhiambo was shocked to find that she became pregnant just three months after taking the doses the herbalist told her to take.

Nine months later, she had twins.

“Today we’re the happiest couple in the world. We have our own children and we’re going to take good care of them. But I don’t know how I’m going to pay Mwikali Kilonzo, the herbalist. God used him to make us happy,” she ended, crying.

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