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Why go to IMF when fetish priests are claiming to turn leaves into money – Kumchacha to govt

The founder and leader of Hope Generation Ministries International, Prophet Nicholas Osei alias Kumchacha, has bemoaned the notoriety of some spiritualists and individuals claiming to possess the power of money doubling.

According to Prophet Kumchacha, such persons only prey on the greed and gullibility of some members of society and have become a menace in the country.

“Recently it was reported that I man was duped because he gathered GHC50,000 and wanted it to be doubled into a million cedis. It is definitely greed that will lead someone to do this. If the person claiming to have such power was capable wouldn’t all the people in his hometown become wealthy?

“It is difficult to understand these things but the issue is if people are not careful they will follow these things and land in trouble. Because whoever it does not force you they only preyed on your greed,” Kumchacha said on Oman Channel.

He noted that the activities of such spiritualists have taken over the media space and questioned why the government will be seeking a bailout from the International Monetary Fund when some priests claim to have such powers.

“The other day I wished I could smack a certain fetish priest through my TV. He had gathered plenty of leaves on TV and was claiming he can turn them into money. If we are in this same Ghana were some priests claim to turn leaves into money, why is our president going to the IMF for financial support? They are all fraudsters and thieves,” he stated.

According to Kumchacha, it has become necessary for the state through the security services and media regulatory agencies to take action against such individuals.

“That is why I like soldiers because the police tend to be forgiving sometimes. That fetish on the TV, for example, I wish two military officers will be assigned to him. Just fill the entire Accra sports stadium with leaves and bring him there, ask him to turn the leaves into money in one hour and leave him in the care of the military,” Kumchacha suggested.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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