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Woman nearly lynched on suspicion of being LGBTQ flees Ghana to seek asylum in Canada

A woman who was wrongly accused of being a member of the LGBTQ+ community although she was married, was nearly lynched, but found a way to escape from Ghana to Canada, has opened up about her ordeal for the first time.

Speaking in an interview with a Ghanaian Canada-based journalist, Brian Myles, in a yet-to-be-aired video, and through her husband, the woman, Beatrice (not her real name), shared how she had to flee her community in the Volta Region because of the threats on her life.

Making the details available to GhanaWeb, Beatrice’s husband, Atiso, explained to the Canada-based journalist that the people of Davego, the community she resided in, suspected her of being a lesbian because she was always seen around women.

He added that there was a particular woman who had earlier also been suspected of being lesbian, who was among these women who used to frequent Beatrice’s house.

“Growing up, they rarely saw her with men; mostly women and so they started suspecting her of being a lesbian. This is also because while I was away, they said they kept seeing a particular woman go in and out of her house, sometimes leaving late,” he said.

He continued to say that with time, the people of the community were convinced that Beatrice could also be a lesbian, and for that reason, they started hatching plans to have her ‘punished.’

He explained that one day, the people gathered and tried to lynch her, but she got lucky and escaped, leading to her journey to Accra, and then eventually to Canada.

“The incident, which unfolded in August last year, in a small town – Davego, in the Volta Region of Ghana, started when rumors about her sexual orientation began circulating within the community.

“The ensuing mob gathered, fuelled by prejudice and misinformation, with the intention of carrying out a brutal act of violence. Faced with imminent danger, Beatrice managed to escape the mob’s clutches and made the difficult decision to seek refuge in Canada,” he added.

With help from her husband, who she escaped to be with in Accra, and with support from a travel agency, the two were able to leave Ghana.

However, Atiso added that their stay in Accra was not as peaceful as they imagined, because away from the Volta Region, their pursuers decided to cause damage to their house, in their absence.

“When they heard we were in Accra, they followed up to our house in Ho, causing mayhem and damage to our properties there. We had to eventually report the case to the police but the threats continued.

“We had to sleep in hotels after hotels until we got help and left the country. We left on temporary visas,” he said.

He also explained that they are currently seeking asylum in Canada, as there is no hope for them to return to Ghana anytime soon.

Canada, known for its strong commitment to human rights and multiculturalism, has been a beacon of hope for individuals seeking refuge from persecution.

The country’s asylum system provides a platform for those escaping persecution based on their sexual orientation to find safety and protection.

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