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Women are skilled at cheating, we cheat for two reasons – Life coach reveals

Life Coach and Relationship Expert, Akua Nyameye, has disclosed that her job enlightened her about how skilled women are at cheating.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Akua indicated that women cheat more but are rarely caught. On the contrary, men who cheat can’t hide it from their partners for long. The expert gives reasons for these.

According to Akua, women are skilled and can multi-task without difficulty, but men can only focus on one thing at a time. Moreover, she revealed two main reasons why women cheat.

“It is either she doesn’t love you anymore, or she is not happy. But a man can cheat for no reason. He may see a beautiful lady and cheat. When a woman is into you, she is committed to you.

She will only cheat after complaining about his habits, yet nothing changes. Then she finds someone to give her that affection and keeps you on the side,” Akua disclosed.

Moreover, Akua advised women to avoid womanizers before marriage. She noted that when they notice such traits, they must leave the relationship.

“I don’t advise wives to leave their husbands for cheating once but don’t stay with a womanizer. Sometimes, women notice these things before marriage, but they avoid it because they want the marriage.

The disgrace is not in the breakup but in the divorce. Only God can change a womaniser, and don’t think you can change him because you can’t,” Akua advised.


Source: SVTV Africa

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