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X-rated American model found dead in a hotel in Accra under mysterious circumstances

Tyger Booty is an Instagram model

Model found dead in her room

Tributes pour in for American model found dead in Accra

Unfortunate news coming in is that a popular American Instagram model who had been in Ghana in the last few days has reportedly died.

Circumstances surrounding the death of Tyger Booty, (real name, Dasani Williams), the popular exotic model renowned on x-rated platforms, remain unclear as no authority in Ghana has been able to provide any credible information on the case yet.

However, GhanaWeb has been able to gather a few details as we know them now and here they are:

Reported by some international news portals, it has been gathered that the model was allegedly in the country to be a ‘call girl’ after having been sponsored by a rich Ghanaian and flown into the country for a luxurious vacation during the Christmas holidays.

According to multiple reports, Tyger was in Accra to “give pleasure to the big men at the parties she was billed to attend during the holiday season.”

Attempts to reach the US Embassy in Ghana

On December 5, this year, and while still in Ghana, Tyger tweeted at the official Twitter handle of the US Embassy in Ghana, trying to get their attention to a message she had sent into their inbox.

It is unclear now if that tweet was replied to, and what the contents of the message the model sent to the Embassy was about.

While ghgossip.com reports that the highly sought-after model from Atlanta, GA, was discovered dead in her hotel room in Accra from a drug overdose or suicide, a woman by the name of Bella Stalutti-Jones, who claims to be a close friend of the exotic model, has refuted these claims.“All the lies being told about her serve zero purpose. So, please stop. No matter what lie you told or decide to tell next, nothing will change who she was as a person, as a mother, as a sister and as a friend. To have known her was to have loved her and anyone spewing anything besides the love she brought into this world can absolutely kick rocks, play in traffic and go to hell,” Stalutti-Jones is reported by swisherpost.co.za to have said.

According to the friend, Tyger’s death could not have been caused by drugs since she wasn’t a user, adding that the exotic model did not drink alcohol either.

Suspected foul play

Stalutti-Jones has however also hinted that her late friend could have died from an incidence of foul play.

“To whoever hurt her, hell has a palot (sp) with your name on it. What’s done in the dark will always come to light,” she warned.

Reaction from Ghana Police Service

Speaking over the phone with GhanaWeb, Supt. Alexander Obeng, Director of Public Affairs at the Ghana Police Service, admitted to knowledge of the case but could not provide any further details because he said they were still yet to get enough details on the case.

He however assured that as and when they get an update, the police will share it with the public.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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