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You’re just a rich ‘Kubolor Boy’ – Blakk Rasta launches tirade against Cheddar

Reggae Musician and Radio Personality Blakk Rasta has described business mogul and aspiring presidential candidate Nana Kwame Bediako alias Cheddar as a mere bad-English-speaking ‘Kubolor Boy’ who has just become rich and is showing off.

Blakk Rasta launched into a tirade against Cheddar after Cheddar threatened to buy his media outfit and demote him for criticising his( Cheddar) decision to rear tigers.

Blakk Rasta maintained that as an animal activist, removing the claws and teeth of wild animals and forcibly domesticating them is unacceptable ( animal cruelty).

“The President is nothing to us let alone such a ‘Kubolor Boy’ who just got money that cannot even construct proper sentences…I am shocked. This guy wants to be President. Are you mad? You have brought tigers, declawed them and removed their teeth, I said it was wrong. Come on the debating table with me, you tell me it’s legal. Ghana allows it so it’s ok. Yeah, Ghana allows it but it’s not everything Ghana allows that is ok. I am an animal activist. Brother says he doesn’t understand,” he hit back at Cheddar.

Cheddar is the leader of the New Force, a political movement aimed at winning political power and transforming the country.

Source: mynewsgh.com

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