A group of outsiders invaded the Kalpohin Senior High School in Tamale and clashed with the students having an entertainment session last night.

The clash occurred as the students attempted to stop the outsiders who had illegally entered the school campus from joining the entertainment programme.

According to reports, one of the intruders was able to find his way into the campus and when the students tried to capture him, he allegedly pulled a weapon.

The students however managed to capture him.

After he was captured, his colleagues allegedly stormed the school premises, demanding his release but the students and some school authorities present refused.

This created severe tension in the school at Kalpohin on Saturday night as day students who joined the programme had to call family members to come and pick them up from the school due to fear for their lives.

Police in Tamale were called to intervene, and they responded with the deployment of men in a blue pickup to the scene to control the situation.

The police then escorted the day students in their vehicles to their various homes.

No injuries were recorded and calm has since been restored in the school.