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CHRAJ can mediate cases involving traditional authorities

Mr Eric A Aboyer, the Dormaa Municipal Director of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) says the commission has prerogative rights to mediate cases involving traditional authorities.

But, he added cases bothering criminalities and prosecutorial matters were always reserved for the courts.

“Society’s reverence and respect for chiefs and queens are not instruments to insulate traditional rulers against the law, and put them in a position to abuse their power”, he said.

Highlighting the mandate of the commission in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Dormaa-Ahenkro in the Bono Region, Mr Aboyer said it was unfortunate many people failed to appear after complaints had been filed against them at the commission.

“We would seek subpoena from the courts to force people to appear before the commission and those who failed to do so would be charged for contempt and be prosecuted accordingly”, he said.

The Commission basically deals and mediates issues relating to breach of agreement, children’s rights, property rights, women’s rights as well as economic and social rights issues.

“We do not mediate cases involving land and criminalities such as assaults and attacks but issues pertaining to securing relevant land documents from chiefs after-sale are within our purview”, Mr Aboyer stated.

He advised complainants, no longer interested in pursuing their cases, to officially inform the commission within three months, saying the commission would dispose of cases when complainants fail to follow up.

Mr Aboyer said it was beyond the mandate of the commission to mediate cases between an individual, international organization and a country.

Source: GNA

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