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Economic hardships pushing malnutrition cases – Paediatric Society

The Paediatric Society of Ghana is worried that the current economic hardship is leading to malnutrition in Ghana.

According to the group, more people are finding it difficult to eat two square meals a day.

“Already, we have an issue with malnutrition because of the current hardships in the country,” Dr. Hilda Mantebea, President of the Pediatric Society, said.

She bemoaned the cost of eggs today.

She lamented the cost of fish and a pound of meat currently.

She said because of the economic hardships, people are not eating well.

This, she noted, has dire health consequences for the country.

Dr. Mantebea said this in an interview with Class91.3FM on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

“All these points to how people are coping with the current hardships,” she said, adding: “When your immune system goes down, it leads to all manner of diseases.”

Dr. Mantebea is, however, urging the government to expedite actions to secure vaccines for the immunisation of babies.

The country, for weeks now, has no polio vaccines and others to administer to children under five years.

This situation the president of the Pediatric Society says will compound the health challenges already faced by the country

Source: classfmonline.com

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