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Evangeline Gbenartey Writes: Betrayal is one of the worst feelings ever

  B – E – T – R – A – Y – A – L  🔪 💔


It is a perfect mix of pain and anger felt as a result of wasted love. A stab in the back which cannot be helped because it is usually accurate and targeted right. 

You will never be betrayed by a stranger, no! You will be, by one you have confided in. One you expected to be loyal. One who can be trusted by others on your account. Betrayal is disloyalty, not committed, untrue, unfaithful and malicious.

Your betrayer may have loved you once before,  and turned their backs on you at the onset of something (fame, growth, promotion, status change etc.) or the instance of another. Sometimes, they may have hated you all along and won your heart through pretense.

Betrayal makes you regret ever-loving. Betrayal makes you guilty of wrong choices and bad decisions. Betrayal sometimes robs you of the capability to love without suspicion. It removes trust from your abilities.

Have you been betrayed? Jesus was too. Stay true to your cause and know that when you call on him, you are calling on one who knows exactly what you’re going through and has already shared in this suffering. One who mends the wounded heart. God bless you. ☺️

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