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Ghana Wins Two Medals At The International Fitness Show 



Ghana has won two medals at the just ended 2021 International Fitness Show in Dubai, UAE. After a successful 2021 Arnold Classic Africa campaign, The Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (GBFA), registered 3 men’s Physique athletes to participate in this year’s international fitness show.

The athletes, Badmos Lawal, who competed in a line up of 16 athletes in the Men’s Physique up to 176cm, Christopher Ntow Bannan who also competed in a lineup of 19 athletes In the Men’s Physique up to 179cm and Daniel Komla Worlanyo in a line up of 12 in the Men’s Physique over 182 cm.

The international fitness show is the only mixed exhibition event in Dubai sanctioned by the IFBB that brings athletes from all over the world competing with 15 others in the up to 176cm, Badmos made it Into the top 10 but couldn’t place in the top 6. Christopher Ntow Bannan placed 4th in the up to 179cm and Daniel Komla Worlanwo also placed 4th in the over 182cm class.

The president of the GBFA Mr Abdul Hayye Yartey said “ These 3 athletes competed on the international stage for the first time and in big lineups of above 12 other athletes from all over the world; and for them to record these placements; it’s really impressive. They have done really well. I strongly believe in their next international outing they will improve over their current positions. Congratulations lads, you have done yourselves and Ghana proud”.

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