A Nigerian lady identified by her Twitter handle as “(the only) Kemi” has recounted her worst dating experience in life via the microblogging app.

According to her, she was invited on a date by a certain man in Nigeria who could not even order food for them to eat despite spending almost 2 hours with her at a restaurant.

Seeing how boring the date was becoming, Kemi said she requested food, but to her surprise, the guy came unprepared with only 200 naira, which is equivalent to only GHS 4.00.

The young man could only buy her a bottle of water. She ordered food, leaving the man embarrassed. The man later left after she refused to talk to him for awhile.

She narrated: “He told me to meet him at ICM. We talked for over 2hours, when I saw that baba wasn’t saying anything about ordering food, I said I was hungry

“He told me that he didn’t come prepared; he said he only has 200 naira on him that should he get me water. I off. Worst date experience.

“I got food, and he was so embarrassed, he started begging me not to be offended that he just wanted to see my face in my mind. What happened to video call? Anyway, I was eating my food, and when he saw I wasn’t taking to him.. he left.

“I took my time and enjoyed my date alone.”