A Ghanaian lady is about to do the unthinkable to push away something most women will lay their lives down for.

A lady, whose name is put on ice at the moment, says she does not understand why she has dated a young man for the past six years and has never had any quarrel with him before.

The lady, via a post shared by Yen News, a Ghanaian portal, said the young man has given her everything she demands and some she did not eve demand including cars.

However, she is not comfortable being with the young man anymore because anytime she tries setting up a fight with him, he will quickly apologise even when he did nothing wrong, which she finds very weird.

The lady is seeking advice from people as to whether she should keep being with the man or if she has to follow her instinct and quit the relationship.

Read her full post below:
I’ve been with this guy for a year and a half. He’s everything you’ll want in a man. He takes me on trips, he bought me a HONDA CIVIC recently and rented a new apartment for me. Gives me fuel money and a monthly allowance every week.

The problem is this guy has never had any issues with me before and I find it very weird. There has never been a misunderstanding between us. Anytime I try to bring up issues just to fight with him he is always the first to apologize. He will send me gifts to say sorry for something he hasn’t done.

I feel there’s something wrong somewhere because he handles every single problem give him so easily without quarrelling and I don’t think I can date him anymore. Because he will never quarrel with me.