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How an internet fraudster scammed over 250,000 members of a popular Facebook page

An influential member of one of the most popular public groups on Facebook in Ghana, Tell It All, has uncovered the scam of an unidentified user.

The scammer clandestinely bought into the emotional minds of the over 250,000 members of the group.

Nana Tea, as he is known on Facebook, shared the details of how the story of one of the members, Emelly Aidoo, caught the attention of some persons willing to sponsor the education of her child until the university and to set up her in a sustainable business.

This was after Emelly shared an emotional story of how she had to let her daughter go to school without food but had only spoken about it online after she saw a post from Nana Tea to the effect that the latter was willing to give some lucky people GHc20 as lunch money.

“This morning I told my daughter not to go to school as I don’t have money for her feeding fee today and it will look somehow other kids eating and she’s there watching, but she insisted (sic) on going. I bid her goodbye but as a mother, I wasn’t happy within me, I was praying for a miracle to happen in my heart only to login into Facebook and stumbled on #nana #tea post for 20gh lunch, I commented with my phone number and someone sent me 20gh it was like a dream to me.

“I called someone in the house gave her my momo pin for her to withdraw the money and take 10gh to my girl’s school and she did. Nana made the post around to 12pm and they always have lunch by 12: 30pm. God of zero hour came (sic) through for me through mana post and the angel that blessed me,” parts of the original post made by Emelly Aidoo said.

After this post, many charitable people in the group decided to show this lady even more love by sending in their own widow’s mites.

Confirming the details:

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for her daughter and herself, she returned to make another post to express her gratitude.

“I don’t know where to start thanking TIA members for the love I have received here, financially, words of encouragement, prayers, I can’t thank you all enough but it’s only God that will bless you all for me. The messages calls and comments my phone koraah is hanging please thank you all. May every one of you never lack anything good as you have blessed a stranger like may favour locate you all. I will make good use of the money me and daughter will never lack again in Jesus name Amen.

“I might not be able to respond to all the comments and tags at once but I will surely reply you all Nana you have been touching lives positively but I never knew you will touch mine so soon thank you for connecting me with my helpers. God will continue to bless you, I await your arrival as you are coming thanks for everything,” her follow up post said.

Nana Tea continued his narration, that a certain Yaw Kusi from the United States of America, and another woman from the United Kingdom had contacted him, hoping to use his influence to reach out to Emelly, just so that they could be a blessing to her.

Nana wrote that he needed to be sure about the lady’s full story and so he took it upon himself to travel down to Akim Oda, where she said she resides.

“@Mr Yaw Kusi from USA n one unknown woman from UK called me yesterday about Emelly Aidoo post yesterday. Mr Kusi wanted to pass through me to help her daughter right from where she’s to the university. Madam Unknown also want to set the d woman up so she wouldn’t be online begging. As a concerned member, I took d lady’s number from d comment session on her post n called her yesterday about this. She told me, she stays at Akim Oda.

“As early as 5am I took off to Oda to authenticate her story n also provide d necessary help she might need through TIA. I called before moving from d house, on my way around 8:45 there about, she called n asked where I have reached n I told her Asamankese..n she was like ok,” his post said in part.

Nana Tea continued that upon getting to the destination, he made several attempts, for hours, to get through to Emelly but without any success.

“I got to Akim Oda around 9:30am..I started calling her..no response..I texted her..no response. Used different lines to reach her ..still no response. It’s 5pm n she hasn’t called to even ask where I have reached..well, I’m only concerned about her condition n want to help.

“She was so smart to use my name to authenticate her post n got her way through. But please, before u send any money or offer any help to anybody. kindly contact d admins before doing that..it might save us alot . She has blocked alot of us from getting genuine help from people,” he added.

Nkiruka Miracle Rosemary:

Following the box that surrounded the uncovering of this scam, a Facebook user with the name, Nkiruka Miracle Rosemary, from Nigeria, quickly came in to issue a disclaimer.

Apparently, the photos shared by the ‘scammer’, Emelly Aidoo, were all lifted from the page of this Nigerian woman.

She apologized to everyone who had fallen prey to the scam and went on to rain curses on the person behind the Emelly Aidoo account.

“Good evening all please somebody just chatted me that somebody in this group is using my picture to scammer people here in this group

“Please I am not Emelly Aidoo. Am not from Ghana I didn’t know where is Ghana am not leaving at Accra please you people should help report this Facebook account because am not the one scamming you guys, I know maybe the person is my Facebook friend but I don’t know the that’s doing this, am so sorry if you have send this fool using my name to scammer you people here, but bikoun not all you see here are true b4 you send money to anybody try calling the person on video call, please you all should help me report this Facebook account because am not the scamming you guys, but my pray for this person that’s using my name to scammer people I pray God will give you a bigger problem that nobody will help you since you want to sit on wheelchair that wheelchair,” she wrote.

The unrepented scammer:

After the dust had settled a little, the account user, Emelly Aidoo, returned to show how unremorseful he/she is, sharing details of having gone to withdraw the monies that were sent to his/her account.

Author: Etsey Atisu

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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