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How two teenagers allegedly kidnap and kill eight-year-old becos of ransom

Police don arrest three members of di same family over di death of eight-year-old boy, Raheem Bamimore.

Di incident happun for Saki community for Ogun state, for southwest Nigeria.

Police later arrest di suspects wey be two teenage brodas and dia father.

According to police, di suspects say dia aim na to kidnap little Bamimore and collect money from im parents.

How e take happun

Di boy, Raheem Bamimore, na twin – im miss on Friday, March 20, 2022 for Saki.

Two days afta e miss, dem see im deadi bodi on top stretcher for Ogbooro road near Al-Barka on Sunday, March 6.

Tori be say di suspects bin use mango lure di small boy wey just return from school.

Di boy just drop im school bag to answer di pipo wey call am – pipo wey dey house bin tink say e forget something for school sake of how e take rush comot.

But di twin broda say na some pipo wey stand near dia house call Raheem.

How dem take see Bamimore deadi bodi

Afta days of searching na neighbours see di deadi bodi of Bamimore on top stretcher.

Na di papa of di main suspects shout wen im see di boy deadi bodi.

Na di man reaction make pipo come out go call officials of di local vigilante for di area, Amotekun.

Na Amotekun officials carry di teenagers go hand dem over to di police but members of di community no gree – dem want jungle justice.

‘Why we kidnap Bamimore’

“Raheem papa get money and we wan collect money from am. Dat na why we kidnap am,” na so di two main suspects wey be teenage brodas, allegedly tell police.

Dem say dem carry am go keep for one “uncompleted building. Na dia we tie am keep.”

Di boys say dem bin plan to release am as nobody contact dem but dem realise say di boy don recognise dem and dat na why dem go collect some rat poison wey dia papa dey produce take poison am.

Dia father, wey be one of di suspects also dey police detention.

Di incident make members of di Saki area wia di incident happun vex well.

Dis one make di pipo carry I-no gree waka go Saki Police Divisional Headquarters say make police bring out di suspects because dem no trust dia handling of di matter.

But Oluyinka Kolawole, di DPO of Saki police station assure di public say di matter no go die.

E say police don investigate di matter and di Commission of Police don dey aware.

Oda cases of pipo wey don miss and dem later find dead

Cases of kidnap don dey on di rise for di kontri and security agencies don make many arrests recently.

di latest one na di case of 22 year old Ayanwole Bamise wey happun for Lagos.

According to di police, di incident allegedly happun on 26 February, 2022 wen Bamise board di BRT bus from Chevron bus stop, Lekki for Lagos, South West Nigeria. Di BRT bin dey go Oshodi around 7:00pm in di evening.

Afta some days dem see Bamise deadi bodi on top Carter bridge.

Recently, three boys for Ogun State chop arrest after dem allegedly kill dia friend girlfriend for money ritual.

Di three boys include two teenagers and anoda wey dey 20 years.

Hanifa Abubakar

Di suspects ontop di alleged murder of Hanifa Abubakar dey face murder charges for court for Kano state.

Dem dey on trial for allegedly kidnapping and killing Hanifa after police discover her deadi bodi inside Northwest Preparatory school for Kano city.

Na January Nigeria Police arrest three suspects including Abdulmalik Tanko over di kidnap and murder of Hanifa.

“After e give her poison e wait 20 minutes outside for Hanifa to die,” authorities quote di prime suspect confession.

Iniobong Umoren

Anoda case na dat of Happiness Iniobong Umoren wey disappear for for days before dem discover say she don die.

On 29 April @UmohUduak begin use #HinyNumoren to announce say her friend dey in trouble and she need help.

Uduak wey her twitter handle be Happiness Activist say her friend tell her say she dey go for one job interview for Airport road on April 29th, and she no return since then.

Few days after, Police say dem dig out Iniobong deadi body afta di suspect allegedly lead dem go di place e bury her.

Dem later put her for University of Uyo Teaching Hospital UUTH pending autopsy.

Dis no follow for di plenty report of kidnapping wey dey happun often for different part of di kontri.

Source: bbc.com

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