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I’m jealous of my brother sleeping with his wife every night – 30-year-old man confesses

A 30-year-old man who has been sleeping with his sister-in-law for seven years has disclosed that he stands behind his brother’s bedroom every night when he sleeps with his wife.

In an interview with YouTuber, Arnold Elavanyo, he mentioned that he gets jealous when at night his brother sleeps in bed with his wife, hence the reason he wants to take the wife and the son he fathered away.

“Every night when my brother is in the house with her, I feel jealous. I am always hurting, so I go and stand behind their door and then want to hear whatever is going on in their room.

“I am not a psycho. I am good. Why do I have to be remorseful? I need advice, and when I am leaving my brother’s house. I will be leaving with the boy and the woman. I don’t know how to go about that. That is giving me a headache,” he said.

Delving into how his relationship with the sister-in-law started, he claims it was how different she treated him when she served him food.

“She is in the house, anytime I come home and she serves me breakfast or lunch or dinner or supper she serves me in the kind of way that tells me, no, no this is where this is heading towards. So, I also made this approach and it just happened one night.

“My brother is a businessman and he travels a lot. He never has time for his wife. I think I am the right person to have her as my wife because I am here, I don’t travel and sometimes I have all the time and can spend all the time with her.

“Also because she doesn’t have that man she is married to by her side, she thought the next available person should be me if not him because already she is into me,” he added.

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