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Dini Korul (about 52-54 years old), a victim of superstition-driven violence. In May 2011 her son Bobby Korul died at the age of 22 from a stomach infection. After Bobby’s funeral five his friends came to Dini’s house, accusing her of being a sorcerer, who had caused the death of her son. They took her out and dragged through the village to a pigsty, where they set a fire and made red-hot iron bars. Cutting her body with bush knives and burning with hot iron bars they forced her to admit that she was a witch. After numerous refusals they burned her vagina with the red-hot iron and were about to kill her, when women from another village called for help. Dini survived and spent over 10 month in the Kundiawa hospital. Her daughter paid for her treatment more than 900 kina (about 450 USD) and never received any help from the local authorities. Being expelled from the community forever, Dini had nowhere to go but to her village, where she still lives now. She almost does not leave the house during the daylight, living with a fear that she could be exposed to the brutal "punishment" again. Wormai village, Simbu Province.

Medical advise on foods to stay away from after the age of 60

As we get older, our cells, tissues, and organs lose their ability to function normally as a result of the natural aging process.

This is especially true of the digestive system, which is responsible for breaking down food before it enters the bloodstream to be used by the rest of the body. You should avoid certain foods after the age of sixty due to the presence of chemical substances that are harmful to your aging body. In this article, I want to briefly educate you according to WebMD, on medical advise on foods to stay away from after the age of 60.

Raw Eggs

Avoiding raw egg dishes like eggs Benedict is a good idea for the elderly. There is a chance that raw or undercooked eggs contain salmonella, a potentially fatal bacteria. The good news is that your loved one can continue eating eggs, so much as they are thoroughly cooked.

Bean sprouts

It is recommended that the elderly refrain from eating these veggies despite their deliciousness in salads and other rice meals. Bean sprouts are particularly susceptible to bacterial contamination when grown in conditions that are both warm and damp.

Sprouts are raw, so it’s possible that harmful bacteria and viruses haven’t been adequately removed. However, if you’re looking to amp up the flavor and crunch, try adding some green onions instead.

Uncooked meats.

Certain people, especially those with compromised immune systems, are more likely to fall unwell after consuming raw eggs or undercooked meat. It is essential to adhere to the prescribed cooking temperatures when making dishes that call for meat or poultry.

Unpasteurized Milk.

Although milk and other calcium-rich dairy products are encouraged for healthy bones and teeth, the aged should not consume unpasteurized milk. You should also stay away from unpasteurized liquids and soft cheeses like brie and camembert.


Pure sugar and carbonated water are the only ingredients in carbonated sugar water. Demineralization of bone and teeth from consuming sugary foods is particularly disturbing for the aged, who may soon require dentures because of the greater risk of experiencing osteoporosis. Diet soda is another beverage with declining popularity due to health concerns.


Limiting one’s alcohol consumption is sufficient, but caution should be exercised when socializing with the elderly. In addition to increasing the likelihood of unwanted side effects, alcohol can reduce a medication’s efficacy.

Large amounts of alcohol intake are associated with serious health issues like hypoglycemia and hypotension.

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