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MID: Ghana moves ahead as BBC reports British Police’s seizure of suspected uninsured Lamborghini

Ghana may still be finding its teeth in technological innovations, but in its recent digitalization drive, Ghana has proved to be ahead of many developed countries in a number of digital innovations.

One of them is Motor Insurance Database, where Ghana has proved to be a step ahead of Britain, as a recent incident, reported by the BBC proves.

While Britain’s Motor Insurance Database (MID) requires the police to contact a central control point to check whether a vehicle has been insured or not, Ghana’s is instant, as the country’s newly-built motor insurance database allows a police officer, and indeed anyone, to verify the insurance status of any car instantly through a USSD on a mobile phone right on the street.

The limitation of the British system was recently exposed in the BBC report, which said, a Lamborghini, worth about £270,000 was seized and towed away by the British police, who suspected it of being uninsured but could not instantly verify its status.

Interestingly, the police, the BBC reported, had to tow the car off the streets to be able to determine the insurance status of the Lamborghini, because it said it didn’t have a front number plate.

Even with a front number plate, the British Police would have had to make a call to the Motor Insurance Database (MID) or fill in a form on the MID’s website to be able to ascertain the insurance status of the vehicle, unlike Ghana’s MID, which a simple dial of the shortcode *920*57# on a mobile phone would have confirmed it without towing the car.

Ghana’s Motor Insurance Database, which was recently launched as part of the country’s digitalization drive, has been acclaimed as one of the most effective in the world due to its simple and instant features.

Below is a link to the BBC story:


Source: ghanaguardian.com

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