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Nigerian First Lady’s birthday video sparks outrage

Some people online have expressed anger after footage emerged of a group of Nigerian governors’ wives celebrating the first lady’s birthday, apparently in Dubai.

Aisha Buhari’s birthday was on 17 February, when she turned 51, but the video has only just emerged. It is not clear when it was filmed.

A group of women, who local media say are wives of local politicians, can be seen carrying a large box and flowers, while singing Happy Birthday To You. There is also a cameraman in the background.

Some people have questioned how the attendees paid for their travel to Dubai.

“How many of them would have embarked on this trip with their personal funds?” one critical tweeter questioned.

Others felt it was tone deaf for the women to travel to celebrate the first lady’s birthday, when the country is facing so many problems.

“So much insensitivity truly sad”, one person wrote.

“No fuel in Nigeria for the common man but Aisha and her husband can enjoy life outside of Nigeria while citizens suffer!” the journalist Jackson Ude wrote.

The footage does not show if President Muhammadu Buhari himself was present.

The BBC has contacted the authorities for comment but they have not yet responded.


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