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Nima-Mamobi violence: Mother of wanted gang leader speaks, rains curses on son’s rival

Bloody gang violence rocks Nima

Police move in to quell unrest, make arrests and arraign people before court

Two main gang leaders declared wanted by Police

The Ghana Police Service earlier this week placed a GHC20,000 bounty on the head of two gang leaders wanted for their roles in deadly violence that rocked Nima and Mamobi, suburbs of the capital, Accra.

The two were identified as Ali Awudu of the Bombom group and Ibrahim Hussein of the Kumordzi group.

They have been declared wanted for allegedly leading their members to engage in violent exchanges that resulted in the loss of lives and which left others with varying degrees of injuries.

Mother of one of the wanted persons, Kumordzi group leader, Ibrahim Hussein has been defending her son while raining curses on his detractors whose sole aim she says is to see him dead because of a longstanding feud.

In a seven-minute audio message widely shared on social media, she explained in the Hausa language that her on had gone to transact some forex business at Mamobi when an attack was staged on him and a colleague who is currently receiving treatment from a broken leg.

“There is only one target in this whole affair and that is the young man with the name Kumordzi. He has repeatedly been threatened with death because his life is of utmost concern to them (his attackers).

“When they see how wrecked their lives is without any land guard jobs to do, they become worried about how this boy continue to make strides in life,” she is heard saying.

“He had gone to Mamobi to change some forex when he was attacked. This is how dangerous Zongo has become. Zongo has become a dangerous place.

“They had guns and shot his hand, his friend with who he was moving, his leg was shot and he has a broken leg. He was left in a pool of blood and was rushed to the hospital,” she added.

Without disclosing whether she knew the whereabouts of her son, she repeatedly rained curses on Bombom and his gang taking a swipe at them that they cannot take the life of her son because his living and dying was in the hands of God.

At the tail end of her submission she also addressed Police personnel who she said were colluding to implicate her innocent son.

“You didn’t give him life, you can’t take his life. You will stand before God and answer what he has done to you, he strives to cater for his young family. Your evil will consume you. This is his mother speaking. The rival gang leader Bombom, I have left you to God, may God deal with you.

“You and your allies who hate my peace living son, you will take the lead in the hereafter. You terrified a whole community irrespective of age, gender etc.

“If you don’t leave my son, you will die and leave my son. This is his mother speaking, God is greater than all your machinations. Policemen who are also falsely behind you, may God expose them also,” she concluded.

About the Nima-Mamobi gang violence

On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, videos circulated on social media showing a violent clash between two youth groups at Nima and Mamobi.

The Police issued a statement that said they were seized with the matter and had intervened to quell the tension before promising to ensure that all perpetrators are brought to book.

Gang members captured on tape were firing guns indiscriminately at their opponents while others were seen holding machetes and clubs.

Initial Police report indicated that three persons were seriously injured as a result of the clash.

A close shot revealed one of the victims had deep cuts on the back and the arm with a lot of blood oozing profusely. Another victim was also sighted with a deep cut on the ear.

Seven people have so far been arrested and were denied bail on Saturday. They were remanded as prosecution continues investigations. The matter has since been adjourned.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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