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Over 300 stolen cattle returned to owners in Tonj North

The local authorities in Warrap State’s Tonj North County on Monday said over 300 stolen or raided cattle have been returned to their rightful owners among the Noi, Atok, and Kuecthii sections.

For the last four years, the communities in Tonj North County have been warring over cattle raids, elopements, and cyclic revenge killings among others. In May, a security committee headed by the SSPDF chief, Santino Deng Wol, camped in the county after the youth there clashed with the army.

At the time, the chiefs signed an agreement agreeing to facilitate the collection of illegal firearms from the youth and to identify and return stolen or raided cattle.

Deng Ayuel Madut, the Noi section chief, confirmed that the collection of raided cattle is ongoing and urged the state government to ensure the peace holds.

“The Noi community raided 265 head of cattle from Kerik Payam and last Friday and Sunday, 160 cattle were returned to the Kerik people and the process is ongoing in Warrap headquarters because some people refused bad cows, and then they were changed with good ones,” he said. “The Kerik community has returned 147 cows to both Noi and Atok and the Abiem and Manalor communities have sent their people to Kerik Payam to get their cattle.”

Chief Ayuel urged the government to be serious in enforcing the law and deal with civilians who resist handing back stolen cattle.

For his part, the acting commissioner of Tonj North County, Bak Ajuot, confirmed that stolen cattle were being returned to their rightful owners and that the security situation in the county was calm.

“Tonj North is fine and we have started the collection of raided cattle on 5 September and so far more than 160 cattle were returned to the Kerik people and 146 cattle were given back to the people of Madhiath Ajak and people of Noi,” he said.

Meanwhile, Victoria Achol Majak, a parliamentarian representing Tonj North in the state assembly appreciated the communities for peacefully handing over stolen cattle.

“For the issue of raided cattle from Kuacthii, Noi, Rualbet, and Atok, we are happy that the cattle were returned and I thank the local communities for settling their problems,” she said, “I want the community to respect the government so that people stay in peace.”

Source: radiotamazuj.org

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