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Pastor Arrested For Romancing Female Church Member

A man of God got into trouble after he was caught romancing a female church member and claiming he was casting out demons from her.

The Zimbabwean man of God, Pastor Simbarashe Shereni, has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for improperly touching a member of his church.

The man of God, who is the head pastor of one of Zimbabwe’s largest churches and a pastor for seven years, says he used to see spiritual things that ordinary people cannot see.

This prompted a lady to come to his church for spiritual guidance. However, Prophet Simbarashe told the lady that he had seen an evil spirit hiding in her private parts and the only way to drive it out was to romance her.

The lady agreed and allowed him to romancing her, but the man of God tried to insert his private part inside her, leading her to report him to the police.

Judge Ms Kadenha reported to the court that on November 9, the complaint was sent to the pastor’s church asking for help, but the man of God told the complainant to bow before him.

He undressed her and started fondling her private part and breast, saying that he was casting out the evil spirits inside her, which is inappropriate. According to the pastor, he did it by following God’s directions to remove the evil spirit from the church member.

Source: Gnewspage

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