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PHOTOS: 3 Ghanaian musicians who don’t hide their love for smoking

It is not far from the truth that celebrities wield significant influence on their supporters or fans.

While some celebrities use their craft to push a series of positive social causes, others use their platforms to promote activities which have sometimes led to negative social impact.

Ghanaian acts, Black Sherif, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale, have been monitored for some time. It has become increasingly common for their avid promotion of smoking through music.

Shatta Wale:

Reggae/Dancehall star Shatta Wale has, over a long time, promoted the smoking of substances through his live videos and music videos, amongst others.

His actions appear to give credence to smoking and promote the acts to his followers. Many quickly associate his bursts on social media with his smoking habit.


On the other hand, Sarkodie’s smoking habits are a new phenomenon which can be traced to only a year or less ago. In the past, Sarkodie was the only big star who did not condone smoking, nor was he seen promoting it.

However, in recent times, the rapper does not take a photograph without him smoking or holding a cigar. Not only is he promoting smoking through visuals, but also doing so through his lyrics. In his previous project, “No Pressure”, the rapper titled a song “, Rollies and Cigars”.

In an interview, the rapper associated his current smoking habits to chalking successes in his career.

Black Sherif:

Last to be discussed is Ghana’s current biggest export, Black Sherif.

The Ghanaian rapper cum singer has been in the headlines for many good reasons. From making it as the first Ghanaian act to top Apple Music’s top 100 in Nigeria to being nominated for BET, amongst others.

On the flip side, however, the rapper consistently speaks about smoking through his music. For example, in his latest song, “Run”, the rapper talks about his love for smoking “wee”. In addition, the rapper was heard talking about smoking in the first and second sermons.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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