Some 50 passengers escaped death after a bus with registration number 5059-16 veered off the road and crashed into a kiosk at Agric Traffic in the Tamale metropolis.

Per reports, the bus was heading from Nalerigu of the North East Region to Kumasi when it ran into a cargo truck with the registration number GS 7001-Y.

The driver, who lost control, ended up moving off course due to brake failure and crashed into a kiosk.

Though there were no casualties, passengers, who were stranded, accused their driver of speeding which led to the accident.


According to the stranded passengers, they advised the driver during their journey to reduce the speed but he never listened and ended up causing an accident.

The travellers pleaded with the station to provide another vehicle for them to continue their journey to Kumasi.

The bus mate explained that when they got the traffic light, the cargo truck overtook their bus so the driver was incapable of preventing the bus from crashing into the kiosk due to brake failure.

The cargo mate also said that his master had reported the incident to the Police since the bus ran into the back of their car when they were waiting for the green light in traffic.

Traders, who are located around the traffic light, complained to Adom News that the Agric Traffic area has become scary due to rampant accident cases.