The Police Professional Standards Bureau is in a deplorable state as the structure has developed cracks, whiles a newly built multipurpose office structure remains uncommissioned

A secretly filmed unit that sees to issues with police professionalism is rippled with a decaying structure.

The structure has not seen any major rehabilitation in recent time as the wall paintings are peeling off.

Investigators in the department speaking on conditions of anonymity lament the work under harsh conditions in the department as their tables and chairs are nothing to write home about.

The officers also say there is only one toilet facility used by the whole unit including the director general, staff and visitors.

The often unhygienic nature of the toilet facility officers tell 3 news forces them to use outside facilities .

A newly-constructed multipurpose structure located at the Nima police, fully furnished has had its opening scheduled for November 1 , 2021 stalled with no explanation.

Information available to the 3news indicates the outgone director general lobbied some private firms to furnish the new structure with air conditioners, tablet and chairs for the new building that is yet to be occupied.

Sources within the unit have lamented that decaying structures have affected the ability of officers to investigate cases before them in some instances.

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They have appealed to the the hierarchy of the police to inaugurate the newly built structure for use.