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Possibility of a man having breast cancer

Breast cancer is most commonly known as a disease that affects only women. However, according to reports gathered from Mayo Clinic, breast cancer can also form in the breast tissue of men.

However, male breast cancer is most common in elderly men but, it can also affect men at any age.

In this article, in line with the reports from Mayo Clinic, we shall be looking at breast cancer in men, its causes and when to see a doctor.

The types of breast cancer that affect men include ductal carcinoma, lobular carcinoma, Paget’s disease of the nipple and inflammatory breast cancer.

What Are The Causes Of Breast Cancer In Men?

The following are factors that may lead to the development of breast cancer in men:

1. Old age, usually 60 years.

2. Estrogen exposure, usually from drugs.

3. Family history of breast cancer.

4. Klinefelter’s syndrome

5. Obesity

6. Liver disease

7. Testicle disease
Symptoms Of Male Breast Cancer

You may have breast cancer as a man if you notice any of the following symptoms:

1. A lump in the breast tissue is typically painless.

2. Changes in the skin of the breast and nipple. Common changes are redness, dimpling, puckering and scaling.

3. Nipple discharge.

When To See A Doctor
If you notice any of the above signs persistently, kindly visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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