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‘There are too many corrupt cases that are going on unattended to’ – Domelevo

Former Auditor General, Daniel Yao Domelevo has spoken about the spate of corruption in the country.

He said in a JoyNews interview on Wednesday, May 25, 2022; that he is unable to run an assessment of corruption and the corruption fight by this government but that he was worried by the many corruption cases under the government.

“It’s very difficult for me to give a mark or to say they’re doing well or they are not doing too well because I have not done a complete review.

“But there are one too many corrupt cases that are going on unattended to, which I think the government can do better than it has done so far”, he noted.

He continued thus, “there are several corrupt cases. Even starting from this year up till now, you’ve heard of scandals over scandals over scandals. There are a lot of them. I don’t want to be specific to say that this is the particular one which is disturbing me. But let me say that all corrupt practices are disturbing.

“They all take resources out of the mouth of the people, they all create bad environments. You see how we’re suffering from flooding? Because somebody has the money and he has gone to build in the waterway and nobody can touch him because he’s untouchable. So we need to start fighting corruption correctly, and I think we’ll make progress.”

He was on the Accra-based channel to discuss the issue of ‘Ghana’s Asset Declaration Regime.’ According to him institutions of state mandated to oversee the relevant laws should be up and doing.

He also stressed that the Presidency must show the lead by being an example for other appointees of state and public officials.

Ghana drops on Corruption Perception ranking

According to the 2021 edition of the annual corruption ranking chart by Transparency International, Ghana ranked 73rd out of 180 countries on the Corruption Perception Index, CPI, report released on April 4.

“Ghana’s current performance is still below 50 which is the expected average, thus leaves much to be desired,” the report noted.

Out of 49 African countries ranked, Ghana placed 9th with Senegal, each bagging a score of 43.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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