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Tonto Dikeh tries ‘Ghana fufu’ for the first time, reacts



Afia Schwarzenegger hosts Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh broadcasts how sumptuous Ghanaian fufu tastes

Tontoh Dikeh in Ghana

Nigerian actress Tontoh Dikeh appears to be having one heck of a good time in Ghana as she has been spotted on social media enjoying some fufu and light soup.

The Nollywood actress who was hosted by her friend, Afia Schwarzenegger, shared a video of herself enjoying the popular Ghanaian dish in style.

One would have thought that since it was her first time having such a meal, it would have been somewhat a challenge but that wasn’t the case.

The actress after taking one morsel of fufu reacted in shock and began to testify how good it tastes.

Tonto Dikeh enjoyed the ‘Ghana fufu’ which is totally different from the ‘Nigerian fufu’.

The Nigerian ‘fufu’ is made from pounded yam and is usually eaten with either a sauce or stew. On the other hand, the Ghanaian fufu is made from pounded cassava mixed with plantain. In some instances, some prefer eating pounded yam.

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The Ghanaian fufu is usually eaten with soups (light, palmnut, groundnut, kontomire soup) among others.

Watch the video below


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