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Ukraine crisis: Ghanaian students cry over shortage of bread and water

Ukraine based Ghanaian students have narrated their horrid experience and current situation after the recent attacks from Russia.

The series of the recent bombings in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, come after Russia President, Vladimir Putin, launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, 24 February.

Per media reports from Ukraine, dozens were reported dead after  after cities across the country were targeted with weapon strikes, prompting thousands of people to flee their homes.

This, according to some Ghanaians, has led to the shortage of bread and water across the country, adding that the attacks in Kiev, capital of Ukraine have

prompted several Ghanaians to return back home.

“Not all shops open but just a few who work 24 hours a day like the Pharmacies, Supermarkets and also bread is scarce and there’s shortage of water in Ukraine,” they said.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, one student, who lived at North West of Ukraine, revealed the sudden scare from the bombings has prompted several Ghanaians to return back home.

“Here in the North West we have Military airport and Military schools so the only thing they did was to attack the military airport which affected our hostels.

“In my place I can say its calm this morning but with other cities its different and some of us would like to return home.”


“When the explosion happened I was in the hostel, When we first heard it we thought it was a thunder but we heard the sound for the third time so this caused the building to shake,” she told Adom FM.

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