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Video: Drama As Married Woman Is Stuck With Boyfriend While Doing It

A social media video shows a couple sticking close while having some fun during s x. It is unclear when or where this occurrence occurred, however atinkanews.net believes it occurred somewhere in Africa.

In most African communities, when this happens, the woman’s husband is thought to have locked his wife’s privates so that no one else except him can sleep with her.

The stranded couple can be seen attempting to move and screaming in ‘pain’ in the footage. People in the area are attempting to assist, and some can be seen clutching traditional items, which may be useful given the ‘cultural’ nature of the occurrence.

However, the woman received greater anger as a result of the incident, with social media users describing it as an act of God to punish infidelity.

Others who replied on social media assumed that a medical condition was to blame, as such an incidence is not uncommon in the civilized world.

Source: Queen Xorlali

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